Hey everyone, hope you're having a fantastic weekend so far!

Just wanted to announce our new location and opening day! While we are still awaiting some final equipment to be installed, we will be working super hard on our storefront, making it nice and cozy! (And by we, I really mean Cory will be working hard on it.)

There will be a few changes as I mentioned in the previous update:

  1. HOURS- Our hours starting out will be 11a-3p Saturday-Sunday and Tues-Thursday. No Fridays during the summer because I'll have the kiddo all day and trust me, he is NOT as helpful as he thinks he is. But once he starts back to daycare in September, we will be open Tues-Sun. 
  2. SERVICE- We'll be offering takeout only to start. You can place an order by phone or online, or you can come in and place an order and choose cupcakes directly from the case as always before. You could even call when you get here and I'll bring your order out to you! It could not be easier. You'll understand once you see inside our space why it's carryout only. To-go orders have always been the majority of our sales, so this is the way it will be, at least for now.
  3. PARKING- Hallelujah, there's a parking lot! No more driving around the block trying to find somewhere to park! No more trying to navigate one-way streets! 
  4. CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN- Our dozens are now $29.95! That's over $3 cheaper, which is like a WHOLE EXTRA CUPCAKE FOR FREEEEE!
  5. NEW OWNERS- You guys probably know by now, that myself (Tracey) and my husband Cory are the new owners. We are doing everything DIY-style with the help of some amazing family and friends. Cory and I have a lot of cupcake and customer service experience between the two of us and we've learned a lot of do's and don'ts that we're excited to implement. Our mission is to be transparent and honest with our customers, and create a safe space with love and respect for everyone.
  6. NEW LOCATION- Our new location will be super-conveniently located near the corner of Grand and Glenstone at 1952 E Grand. If you're unfamiliar with the area, it is still only about 5 minutes from MSU, and less than 10 from the old downtown location. It is very easy to find: just go east on Grand past Glenstone and we're just past the railroad tracks on the right, on the edge of the beautiful Oak Grove neighborhood. We have loved this quieter, more residential area so far. It is still a very busy area of town, but it is less concentrated than Downtown (and did we mention the parking!?). We know you guys will love the extra breathing room as much as we do!

So now you're wondering...WHEN!?

We've been putting off announcing an open-date because of the many small things that have pushed back our opening so far. But it doesn't really look like there are too many of those dangers left anymore (knock on wood!). So for now our first day is planned for July 10th! We will begin taking online pre-orders starting Sunday July 1st! Just go to the Order Online page to reserve your order (to pick up on or after July 10th).

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions! Can't wait to see you guys!