Happy Memorial Day!

Ok seriously, you guys have been BEYOND patient, waiting for updates. So here's the skinny: Next up is the health inspection! And only a couple small things to do after that! We’ve experienced several setbacks and delays, but we’re not giving up so easily! Our plan is to be open for business, with slightly limited hours by the middle of June. That's the plan, anyway. Online ordering will resume as normal or you can call to place your order to pick up between the hours we’ll be available (TBA). We know it’s not ideal to cut our open hours, but we want to re-open as soon as we can, and not make you guys wait any more!

So, we’ve decided we’re going to open in phases, so to speak. For example, “Phase I”, we will be open a few hours every day that we can be and offer deliveries during these days for 1 dozen minimum. “Phase II”, we would be open more hours, hire an employee or two, and eventually get everything back to normal. We’re still working on being able to honor old gift cards, but we won’t be able to issue refunds for any. This is because those gift cards were not purchased from our store, so we personally did not receive any money, thus we would be unable to issue a refund. We want to honor gift cards because we’re nice people, and feel you should get what you paid for.

Another thing we've been working on is getting into wholesaling. If anyone knows of a wholesale opportunity, we would love to hear about it. Our goal is to get our delicious cupcakes to as many people as possible, even if they don't get them directly from us. Help us spread the love!

You may have noticed, we've been tweaking our website a little bit, just trying to make it our own. If you see any issues with it, or have any suggestions, please let us know! I know the online ordering isn't enabled right now so some links may be dead-ends. We have been working on our menu a little bit, so you may see some changes there as well. 

We seriously love hearing from you guys, and we are all ears when it comes to suggestions or comments, so don't be shy! You all are what keeps us going!

Hope you guys are having a safe and wonderful holiday! You'll be hearing from us very soon :)