Are your cupcakes the same as The Cup?

Yes! We are serving the same signature forty plus varieties of gourmet cupcakes.

Do you carry gluten free cupcakes?

Yes! We offer three delicious varieties of gluten free cupcakes: Snow White, a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream; Ebony & Ivory, chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream; and triple chocolate, chocolate chip chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.

Do you carry vegan cupcakes?

Not currently. Please check back soon.

Do you carry sugar-free cupcakes?

Not currently. Please check back soon.

How do I store cupcakes overnight?


it may sound counter-intuitive, but trust us- refrigerating overnight will result in a stale, dry cupcake. Believe it or not, freezing is the best way to preserve the freshness of your cupcakes if you're not going to eat them right away. just pull that bad boy out 1-2 hours before you want to finish it and it will be as good as new!

Do you make cakes?

we make top tiers for weddings, but we do not make full-sized cakes. 

why have one cake, that's all one flavor, that you have to cut, when each person you're serving can have their own, personal cake!?

Do you make everything in the store?

Yes! We make everything we serve on location.

Do you do weddings?

Yes! for information about weddings, please email us

How big are your cupcakes?

Our cupcakes are larger than most. around the size of an average person's palm.

What else do you sell?

Aside from cupcakes, we also sell: Coffee drinks (hot and cold), bottled beverages, Sugar Cookies, Double Deckers, Cakewiches, and cake pops!

Do you deliver?

we are currently offering delivery! there is a one dozen minimum and delivery time/availability may vary. please call us for your needs and we will try our best to make it work!